Here's when we expect to receive a lot more suits:

Mid October:

  • Men’s 3mm2
    • Men's 4mm3
      • Men's Hooded 3mm+
      • Men's Hooded 543mm
      • Women's Backzip 3mm2 & 4mm3
      • Men's 2mm Full
      • Men's 2mm Short Sleeve Full
      • Men's & Women's 1.5mm Tops

      Early December:

      • Women's 3mm2 & 4mm3
      • Men's Backzip 3mm2 & 4mm3
      • Women's Hooded 543mm
      • Men's Hooded 654mm
      • Men's 2mm Spring Suits
      We'll update these estimates on this page as we learn more throughout the coming months. We aren't accepting pre orders on these shipments. As you might have heard, shipping is still a mess so dates could change. Thanks for the support!

      - Alex & Buzz