Do you use “premium” materials?

Sure, but the word “premium” doesn’t really mean all that much and doesn’t let you know what exactly you’re purchasing. Instead we tell you exactly what our wetsuits are made out of and why they are better than our “premium” competitors, all without confusing made-up tech jargon.

Why is Japanese Yamamoto rubber so great again?

The cell structure of the neoprene makes it 99.7% water impermeable, greater than anything else available. This makes it lighter and warmer. It’s also ultra-soft and durable. We think you’ll be stoked from the moment you try it on.

What's the difference between #39 and #40 Yamamoto neoprene?

The main difference is in the elongation properties—#40 is stretchier than #39—but it's also worth noting that #40 is slightly heavier than #39. We only use #40 rubber in the upper body because when we tested the suits that was the only place we noticed the stretch, and there's no reason to make a heavier suit just because 100 percent #40 Yamamoto sounds good for marketing purposes.

Why don’t FERAL wetsuits have that fuzzy lining many other suits have?

Fuzzy linings feel great in the store and work great when you are dry but once wet any insulation benefit is significantly decreased. Plus, water is not a great insulator and fuzzy linings readily absorb and trap plenty of water. Neoprene is a far better insulator when wet, in fact, that’s why we wear wetsuits now and not wool sweaters like surfers did in the past. Would you rather have a 4mm wetsuit with 1mm of neoprene and 3mm of fuzzy liner? Or an all-neoprene 4mm suit? Learn more about how wetsuits work here.

I usually always wear a size large wetsuit, am I a large in FERAL?

Most likely, yes (this goes for any size). Check the size chart to confirm. If you are unsure, contact us. And don’t worry, you can exchange your unused suit for free in the first 30 days if you want a different size.

How do I care for my wetsuit?

Rinse inside and out with cool freshwater and hang from the waist out of the sun. Once the side facing out is dry, turn it inside out and let that side dry. Store indoors on a hanger draped from the waist.

Do you plan to offer additional suits in the future?

Yes! As we grow, we will identify what our customers want and add it to our lineup. If you have requests for a style of suit, send us a message. Follow us on Instagram and join our mailing list for updates throughout the year.

Where are FERAL Wetsuits made?

Our suits are designed by Alex & Buzz in San Francisco, and manufactured in Thailand.


Do FERAL suits ever go on sale or have discount codes?

Our wetsuits are always priced fairly to allow everyone to get a good deal on a great wetsuit on any day of the year. We haven't had a "sale" since our first year of operation (2015), so we wouldn't recommend waiting around for one:)

Is there anywhere I can go to try these suits on?

Our men's and women's wetsuits are available at Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Venice Beach, sizes may be limited at times. If ordering online please refer to our size chart, in general our wetsuits fit pretty true to size. With free returns and exchanges on unused suits, you can order worry free.

What if my suit doesn’t fit?

No worries. We offer free exchanges on unused suits, including shipping, for the first 30 days.

My size is sold out, when will you get more in?

Bummer! Send us a message and get an update on when your size will be available.


Is FERAL really only Alex & Buzz?

Yes, it's really just the two of us. We have no employees, no investors, and no big holding company to tie us down. Once we outgrew shipping all the suits ourselves, we enlisted the help of a small family-run business to take care of our fulfillment and warehousing. We’re still calling all the shots, personally responding to your emails, and very occasionally cracking jokes on social media. Thanks for the support.

Can I be on your surf team?

Not at the moment. We decided our dollars and hours were best spent on wetsuit design. We figure most people would rather save a few bucks than see Rick Kane sporting our suit at their local break.