We're Alex & Buzz, the two lifelong surfers behind FERAL.

We've known each other since we were toddlers, started surfing together in San Francisco as teenagers in the mid-90s, then hightailed it for warmer waters in our 20s. We spent a few years chasing waves together in Central America. We moved to Australia and lived a couple dozen clicks south of Byron Bay before it became Byron Bay®. Living as hand-to-mouth, dirtbag surfers. The dream.

Eventually we moved back to San Francisco and resumed getting our asses kicked by Ocean Beach and it's that kind of horrifying ocean experience that makes you realize wetsuits could be so much better. So after years pretending to have real jobs, Buzz as a mechanical engineer, and Alex as a designer, we decided the time was right to use our experience paddling for our lives in freezing water to make a better wetsuit.

We leaned on our work experience to design the suit, and our experience not trusting marketing bullshit from the big brands to keep things simple and direct-to-consumer. We picked the best neoprene possible, 100% Yamamoto, and let that gorgeous rubber do the work for us. No need for wild techno babble, no need for surf shop markups, no need for a high paid pro surf team. Our growth has been primarily word of mouth. We made the suits, had our friends try them, we hoped they liked them, we hoped they'd tell their friends. We hoped they'd buy us pizza.

Though we've grown over the last decade, it's still just us, Buzz and Alex, still answering customer emails ourselves from our cars with water dripping from our noses after a session. When you buy a FERAL, you're buying a suit that was 100% envisioned by, designed by, and backed by two lifelong surfers, just like you. We've worked hard to eliminate the excesses of BIG WETSUIT, to make a suit you don't have to think about. It's always there, always ready, and so are we, should you ever have a question about our suits, or just want to share photos of yourself ripping in one. Thanks for supporting FERAL.

Alex, Ocean Beach, 2018
Buzz, Mavericks, 2005
Buzz, G-Land, 2012
Alex, Lennox Head, 2003
Alex, New South Wales, 2009
Buzz, Fiji, 2018
Mexico, 2008
Ballina, NSW, 2003
Indonesia, 2004